Why Should my Company Implement

The Wellness@Work™ Program

for Our Employees?


It's about More than Getting the Wellness Certified™ Logo.  Learn More...





Why Offer the 3-Week Certified Wellness@Work™ Signature Program at Your Company?


There are 4 Great Reasons!:

     -  Reason #1  -

Shows Your Level of Care and Commitment to Your Employees

By providing your employees with on-line anytime access to critical wellness information, guidelines and personal action plans, it empowers your employees (and by default their families) to make informed decisions about their health and therefore, be less vulnerable to illness and the stresses related to it.  Their overall worries may be lessened by knowing how to best care for themselves. 

You are also sending a powerful message to your employees in terms of how you value them and their wellbeing.  This creates highly engaged work cultures, as employees feel valued and cared about, as you are providing them with this great wellness learning opportunity with direct application to their life. 

And you become an 'employer of choice' because top talent will be drawn to your company - they want to work for companies that offer the most and show themselves as caring and committed.

The program content is offered to not only help you and your employees navigate during any time of crisis and potential isolation, but in any return to work scenarios - in essence, to all work realities, post-Coronavirus.  Its value is timeless and its information is always updated and applicable. 

    -  Reason # 2  - Shareholders See Your Company as More Reliable, Committed and Able to Deliver 

It offers shareholders and other stakeholders in your business a degree of reassurance that your company will be more able to perform and deliver its goods and services without interruption.  Directly, and as a result of the steps you have taken to ensure the health and wellbeing of your employees by implementing this Signature Program, The Wellness At Work Program, your employee base is seen as more reliable and likely to withstand the new health realities of life. 

You are favourably viewed as proactively looking after the very fundamental and critical asset of your company - your employees.  And, that you are seen as being more reliable and able to deliver on your goals and commitments, especially when others may be unable, puts you at a huge competitive advantage.      

     -  Reason # 3  -

You are Setting the Tone for a New Work World

It lets you be a world leader and trailblazer in good stewardship, by helping our world evolve into a stronger world, where healthier employees at your company and healthier employees at other companies help to create a more robust world.  

It is a critical outreach.  By doing what you are doing, you are helping make health and wellness a priority, and accessible to everyone.  One employee, one company at a time.







And, Of Course...

Why Else Offer

The Certified W@W™ Program at Your Company?


 - Reason # 4 -

To Get Wellness Certified!™

There's no better way that shows your level of commitment to the health and wellbeing of your employees than by proudly displaying your Wellness @ Work™ logo - it's yours by participating in our 3-week Program.  

It sends a signal - to everyone - your employees, your shareholders and your competitors, of your caring, committed, resilient, and forward-thinking corporate culture.  

It's time to get Wellness Certified™ 2022!

Get Your Logo Today!

Want to Know More?

Learn about the Program details, including module details, participation/time requirements from your employees, as well as pricing, etc.

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We Want to Be Your Partner...

...in helping you bring wellness to your employees. 

Our core reason for existing is to strengthen your workforce - to bring wellness to the lives of individual people - your employees, and to bring wellness to society, as a whole. 

Let's do this together.  One company at a time.  One person at a time.  

Our World Has Been Recalibrated

Because of the pandemic, it is clear that everything is different.  How we think of health.  How we think of sickness.  How we think about employment.  And, how fragile and easily our status quo can be tipped over.  Peoples' lives are forever changed.  Company's operations and realities are forever changed. 

Everything is being looked at through a new and uncertain lens.  Let us bring certainty into your company by helping to ensure a strong and healthy - and resilient workforce.

 What This Means for Business  

The core objective and concern of any business - at any time - is to successfully run a sustainable business.  How to remain in operation and help protect your employees is a critical focus, because it is through their efforts that you remain in business and are competitive.

We provide a comprehensive 3-Week Signature Program to help with this!  Many companies want to be acknowledged as a top employer - now you can be a Healthy Employer too.  In fact, you can be a Wellness 2022 Certified ™ company.


What This Means for Employees

At the best of times, employees often continue working when unwell or in less than optimal conditions.  This is both physically and psychologically stressful for them.  And, in addition to being unproductive, it often runs the real risk of infecting other employees around them. 

Providing your employees with wellness tools and choices with how they can address their health, helps minimize stressors and also strengthens their bodies to better resist falling ill, even when others around them may. This helps keep them on the job, happy, being productive, and performing well.  Plus, they feel valued and cared about, and it plays a fundamental role in creating a great corporate culture!

Start Today!

There is no greater imperative to implement the W@W™ Program at your Company than the current global health realities.

Unprecedented work realities and uncertainties call for focused and comprehensive leadership and action.

That's why we offer our 3-Week on-line, on-demand, in-house Wellness@Work™ Signature Program to help strengthen your workforce and put you in a position of competitive advantage .

Find Out How to Implement the 3-Week Wellness Program at Your Company