What are the Details of

The Wellness At Work™  Program?


It's a Powerful & Invaluable 3-Week Health & Wellness Educational Journey for Your Employees





What Exactly is the 3-Week Wellness @Work™ Program?  

This is a best-in-class, on-line, on-demand health and wellness program delivered directly to your employees' inboxes.  It is interactive, engaging, and features essential wellness and lifestyle information and insight to help your employees strengthen all aspects of their lives to help make them more resilient to lead happier and healthier lives. 

How It Works:

For 3 consecutive weeks, Monday to Friday, your employees are invited (via daily email) to visit our Wellness@Work™ Hub.  Here they will have access to the Module for that day, that includes that day's material (a video, an mp3 file, and a transcript - as well as any supporting documentation). 

Another powerful aspect of the Program is that - on Day 1 - they will electronically receive their Wellness@Work Companion Workbook™.  This is a personalized Guide that mirrors the Program content and is used to help guide their wellness journey, not only over the next 3 weeks, but beyond. The focus is on implementable tips that resonate with your employees, with immediate, medium- and long-term applicability. 

Module Details:

There are 3 Modules; one for each week. 

Each week features a new Module.  Module 1 is all about Your Health, Module 2 is about Your Food, and Module 3 is about Your Lifestyle.  Each Module features the latest up-to-date scientifically-based information about these topics, as well as implementable suggestions for your employees about how they can make positive changes in their lives to help in their wellness journey.

Additional material includes done-for-you information packets, at-a-glance summaries, and customizable personal action plans, and more.  And, our focus is to make this enjoyable - learning should be fun - and we incorporate this into our Program as well!

Our Guarantee to You:

It's all about ease:  We not only make it simple and straightforward for your employees to participate; we also make it easy for you to implement this Program at your company.  We provide you with everything you need - from introductory sample emails to send to your employees, to sample thank you notes for participating.  

And, as global acknowledgement of your participation, you will become 'Wellness Certified™ with a logo that you can use as part of your corporate branding.  It sends a powerful message to the world as to the importance you place on your employees and their wellbeing, and for your corporate contribution to help make the world a safer and healthier place to work.

Want to Know More?

Learn about the Program details, including module details, participation/time requirements from your employees, as well as pricing, etc.

Download the WorkingWellness™ Handbook with Program Details

Start Today!

There is no greater imperative to implement the W@W™ Program at your Company than the current global health realities.

Unprecedented work realities and uncertainties call for focused and comprehensive leadership and action.

That's why we offer our 3-Week on-line, on-demand, in-house Wellness@Work™ Signature Program to help strengthen your workforce and put you in a position of competitive advantage .

Find Out How to Implement the 3-Week Wellness Program at Your Company

Our Commitment to Your Company and to Your Employees:

We believe that the relationship between an organization and their employees is a very special one.  It sets the tone for everything; for establishing the culture of the organization, and ultimately, for its success. 

We honor this relationship, and wish to foster it further by providing this very important service to your employees on your behalf.  

 We are as dedicated to the wellness of your employees as you. 

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