Sandra Olszowka Duron MBA, FNTP, AIP

Sandra Olszowka Duron is a certified Functional Nutritional Therapeutic Practitioner (FNTP) as well as a certified Auto-Immune Protocol (AIP) Practitioner.  She developed the successful RID Protocols™, the most stringent elimination protocol to help clients with the most challenging and difficult wellness situations.  She is the author of the book, How to Live to Live Longer™, to be released in 2023.

She also created and oversees the global operations at Full Functional Wellness™ ( a custom wellness service that offers bespoke health solutions that are delivered to individuals either directly, as well as through corporations and their employees. She developed the very timely and relevant Wellness@Work™ Program, an on-line on-demand corporate health and wellness program offered to employees through companies around the world to help bring better health to everyone everywhere.  Through their participation, companies become Wellness Certified™. 

Sandra also collaborates with The Foco Academy, an US-based concierge health and wellness service. Together, they create and disseminate all material related to Health Is the New Normal™ programming.  

Sandra is the former Director at Queen’s Centre for Business Venturing at Queen’s University.  Here she oversaw the university’s involvement in two internationally-run programs, the Best Small and Medium Employers, as well as Great Place to Work.  She also facilitated within the Smith School of Business Leadership Program at the Centre for Executive Development at Queen’s University. She has directly coached more than 500 people from around the world.  Sandra has studied at North American universities including the Ivey School of Business at the University of Western Ontario, and Harvard Business School at Harvard University. 

 She is thrilled to work with clients individually - on-line and through corporations, bringing this fusion of being a wellness practitioner and organizational behaviouralist into the workplace, and into peoples’ lives. 


"My personal goal is to help everyone's wellness journey to be easier, more straight-forward, and with a sense of hope & excitement for the possibilities"